door-closeThe Door Genie works over and over again to keep flying, crawling and slithering pests out, while keeping toddlers, air conditioning and pets in.

Benefits of THE DOOR GENIE Automatic Sliding Screen & Glass Door Closer:

  • Auto door closer shuts the sliding door for you – keeping flies, pests and mosquitoes out!
  • Highly economical & saves on A/C bills
  • Easy installation – anyone can do it!
  • Allows you to adjust the closing speed
  • Installs in just minutes
  • Sit back and relax, no more yelling at the kids
  • No electrical or motors
  • No drilling into your metal frame
  • Saves you from constantly yelling “Shut the door!”

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A sliding patio door doesn’t do it’s job if left open by busy little children, or adults with their hands full. Introducing “The Door Genie” a smooth operating mechanism that magically and gently closes your sliding patio doors, this auto door closer will pull the door shut for you every time.  Unlike forgetful children, guests and pets your personal DOOR GENIE always remembers your command….”CLOSE THE PATIO DOOR”.


Quality Manufactured


THE SLIDING DOOR GENIE is made from impact resistant PVC and mounts to just about any screen or glass patio door in seconds. The closer consists of our patented block and tackle closing system, 3M two sided tape, heavy duty DACRON retractor cord, locking tab and ready to install anchor system that attaches to your door jam or patio door frame with only a hammer. The anchor system can even be installed on vinyl door frames! And what good would a door closer be if you couldn’t adjust the speed. You can adjust the tension for variable closing speeds and the perfect close every time without slamming shut.

The Automatic Sliding Screen Door Closer installs easily on left or right opening doors (30″W to 60″W) with two sided tape supplied and a small hammer for attaching the anchor system to the door jam. The Door Genie Automatic Sliding Door Closer has a white finish that blends in seamlessly with most doors.  Our Screen Door Genie works with any smooth gliding screen door weighing up to 30 lbs while our glass door version pulls a 120 lb smooth gliding door shut! Backed by a 1 year warranty. Please note: The Door Genie closer works seamlessly with most doors on the market with the exception of heavy duty glass sliders over 120 lbs.

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